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  • Robotic solenoid array to play any piece of music on a piano.
  • Mapping all UMD web cameras integrating with Google Maps API.
  • Course waitlisting system at University of Maryland, George Washington University, and CUNY.
  • App that tracks progress of patients recovering from addiction and reports information to nurses and guardians.



  • CS6200 - Multithreaded File Server & Distributed File System client and server in C using pthreads, mutexs and gRPC.
  • CS7646 - Machine learning based stock portfolio optimization with random forests balancing ratios of chosen assets.
  • CS6340 - Genetic Algorithm Fuzzer. Finds the input to a generic program that causes it to error while instrumenting each assembly instruction with LLVM to document coverage during dynamic mutation analysis. (more info in CV)


  • Senior Capstone - Rehabilitation Robot
  • ENEE324 - Card Counting
  • ENES100 - Autonomous Sand Rover Competition
  • ENES102 - Truss Building Competition